Outside catering

Price From $40


Outside catering

We bring the ‘Afropolitan’ dining experience to your home, office, and private space, at your request; enjoy the best meal of the day with family, friends and colleagues. We cater for any event or function of your choice; be it birthday celebrations, corporate dinners, or family dinners.


  • Fruit Juice: Orange/Pineapple/Cocktail/Tomato
  • Assorted Pastries: Croissant/Danish/Muffins/Farm House Breads & Butter
  • Preserves: Jams/Marmalade/Honey/Nutella
  • Fresh Fruits: Sliced Pineapple/Pawpaw/Honey/Fresh Fruit Salad/Bowl of Fresh Fruits
  • Cold Cuts: Salami/Ham/Roast Chicken/Smoked Salmon
  • Cheese: Selection of Continental Cheeses
  • Cereals: Cornflakes/Muesli/Weetabix


  • Beef or Pork or Chicken Sausage /Bacon/Tomato/Baked Beans /Mushrooms/Scrambled Egg
  • Sauté Potatoes
  • Fish or Chicken Curry with Rice
  • Fried King Prawns
  • Hot Beverage: Coffee/Tea/Hot Chocolate